Our Work

Architecture & Design

A specific business problem can be solved different ways. In Depth knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem allows us to leverage your investment efficiently.

Custom Development

Salesforce touts clicks not code. We understand how to do both and which one is right for a given situation.

Lightning Components

Plenty of experience building components using the Salesforce Lightning Design System and make them available in your apps, actions, and Communities.


Your Salesforce needs to be able to talk to other systems within an organization. We have strong integration experience to help insure your project success.


Salesforce Communities can help you connect with all the people and groups who matter most to your business, and we have implemented a ton!


We believe that Salesforce is a truly amazing platform. We believe this so strongly that we took our combined 70+ years of software development experience and built a consulting company around it.

Our Team

Mark Membrino

Mark Membrino

Saleforce Architect

Mark has been in IT since punch cards were cool (slight exaggeration). Over his career he has contributed to successful projects in a range of roles from developer to technical architect.

Chris Uzzi

Chris Uzzi

Senior Software Architect

Chris has been solving problems with software for over 20 years. He brings a depth of experience designing systems architecture and managing cross-functional development teams in addition to a passion for hands-on coding.

Jim Poteet

Jim Poteet

Solutions Architect, UI Designer & Developer

salesforce.com design & administration - business analysis - UI design & development - HTML/CSS/JS - designing responsive UI - user workflow diagramming - business process diagramming

Allan Flores

Allan Flores


More than 3 years of professional experience in Salesforce development using Apex, Visualforce and Lightning, a Certified Professional in .Net Development in C# and Web Services.

Daniel Quijada

Daniel Quijada


Passionate about coding, always looking for the best way to solve problems. More than 8 years of experience in the .NET world and very familiar working with the latest web frameworks (ReactJS/AngularJS)

Some of Our Customers

Some examples of the companies we have worked with in the past and present.

SaaS Company

Orgs: 1
Users: 3000+
Custom Objects: 360

- 1 knowledge base, customer service template, guest user access
- 1 public knowledge base and customer support portal
- 1 partner sales portal

Community users: 268 customer portal users, 40 partner sales users

Projects: Org merges; interface with back office; community design, implementation, and support; custom Apex development; community based custom Lightning Components; Salesforce Classic based custom Lighting Components; Lightning Experience Based custom Lightning Components, service console design and implementation; custom console components; DocuSign implementation; Conga Composer implementation and merge document creation.

Medical Reporting Company

Orgs: 1
Users: 68
Custom Objects: 69

Communities: 1 customer service template

Community Users: 4912 (high volume portal)

Projects: initial Salesforce.com design and implementation; custom Apex development; service console; custom console components; customer community design and implementation; community base custom Lightning Components; knowledge base design and implementation; Publish/Subscribe Integration Design pattern leveraging Azure Service Bus; Lightning component to display Power BI reports; Azure Active Directory integration; Power BI authorization using Row Level Security and Access Tokens; PowerBI integration with Customer Community.

Software Company

Orgs: 2
Users: 116 - 4425
Custom Objects: 101 - 728

Communities: 1 customer service template
Community Users: 85,000+

Projects: complete Org object model redesign and data migration; custom Apex development; integration with Flexera (software license management software); web site integration redesign; Conga Composer implementation and merge document creation; custom Lighting Components; customer support community design and implementation; community based custom Lighting Components; org merge and data migration

Marketing Company

Orgs: 2
Users: 749
Custom Objects: 389

Communities: 1 Partner community
Community Users: 49

Projects: integration between two Salesforce.com orgs; org merge data migration and development; custom Apex development; partner community design and implementation.

Our Blog


Using the Community Alerts component

The request from the client was pretty straightforward. We were implementing a public knowledge base – using the Customer Service template – and the client requested the ability to display notifications to visitors. Announce downtime Read more

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