Consulting Maine is a full-service consultancy, offering advisory services, system design, custom development, training and more.

We work on a project basis with a select group of clients, to whom we give our focused attention and full commitment.


EXPERIENCE – Our team has over 70 of software development experience, and have worked hard to always stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing tech environment. Our experience brings context and depth to our knowledge of systems, and we continuously refine our methods to ensure that we’re always giving our clients the best possible advice.

COLLABORATION – We don’t believe the IT department should be an island of its own. Today, technology permeates and deeply affects every role in most organizations. When we work with a company, we strive to involve all stakeholders. We also integrate well with existing IT staff, working together to form power teams that drive projects to completion.

COMMITMENT – When you work with Consulting Maine, you work with consultants that take ownership of every step of the process. Because we’re invested in your project all the way through, you can feel confident we’ll deliver as strongly in the development and training phases as we did with your initial concept and design.

REPUTATION – We’re a local business with strong credentials and references, which we’ve earned over the years for our knowledge and performance, but also for the trusting relationships we’ve forged with businesses large and small.

PROBLEM-SOLVING – We understand IT, and we also understand business. We’ll help you choose the best systems for your current and emerging needs by leveraging our expertise in software design and development, as well as our years of hands-on business experience. To see what this looks like in practice, view our case studies.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – in the field of technology, success depends upon a commitment to lifelong learning and dedicated self-improvement. We work hard to maintain our status as experts in the latest technologies by taking advantage of learning opportunities, staying informed of trends, and honing our technical and business skills.