The Consulting Maine team has been working together for the past three years with a variety of clients. Our team has a combined 70+ years of software development experience and 20+ years working on This experience has given us great opportunities to work on some unique projects. On this blog we will be giving readers an insight to those efforts.

Some examples of future posts

  • DataGrid: we have a built a reusable Lighting Component that we have used in a number of projects. In a series of post we will detail how this component can be implemented. We will also make the code available for anyone to use.
  • Community Alerts: details on a Unmanaged Package built to displays alerts in a community based on records in a custom object.
  • Community Implementations: we have had the opportunity to implement many different communities. In this post we will detail a very simple public knowledge base, but in order to meet the customer’s requirements we had to build 12+ custom Lightning Components.

There are many other projects and use cases that we will be talking about here. Also, when it makes sense we are going to be making our code available. Some other topics:

  • Our Modal Window/Wizard Component
  • Our Navigation Carousel
  • PowerBI Integration
  • Integration using Azure Service BUS
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